What a wonderful couple of days…

We just had some very good friends of ours that we met in Saginaw leave. It was so sad to see them go, but so wonderful the short time we were here.

They are the perfect friends. Their kids are the same ages as my kids. She and I are the best of friends, and our hubbies get along too! How can you beat that? Her hubby didn’t come along this time, so we did a lot of girl talk. I sooo needed it as these drugs I’m on make me kind of loopy.

Today we spent the day at the beach. It was very eerie as the fog came in while we were there. We couldn’t even see the pier from the beach – it was that foggy. I wouldn’t let the kids go out too far because of the fog (couldn’t see them if they went out too far), but they still had a wonderful time. My girlfriend Kris and I just talked up a storm while the kids swam and swam and swam. When it was time to leave, my littlest had the biggest meltdown of his life. He was so sad to see them go (and so was I!)

Sitting on the beach watching the kids play really made me realize how great of a life I have. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, the best friends, the best family (both sides) and the best kids anyone could ask for. I’ve been very nervous for my MRI tomorrow, and today was the perfect day that told me that everything’s going to be alright.

It also made me think that maybe I shouldn’t be taking this trip to Minneapolis and spending the precious time my hubby has taken off with him and the kids. He never takes time off, and I really should be spending this time with him and the kids, not 3000 screaming ladies in Minneapolis (though that is a ton of fun!) I don’t like missing out on things, so I feel the pull to go to Minneapolis, but I also feel the strong pull of just watching my kids play on the beach.

So I need to make a decision, though my focus right now is really on that darn MRI and my diagnosis. Here’s hoping that it’s nothing truly serious and just a messed up nerve.

Adios for now.

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