MRI – not for a weakling like me

Geez – what a day.

For the record, if I ever, ever say that an MRI is no big deal, just shoot me.

I’ve had two of them so far (today was my third). The first one I was very nervous for, but it was a piece of cake. I listened to holiday music and was pretty upbeat the whole time. I enjoyed listening to the machine work. I was okay with it.

The second time the music wasn’t all that good, and I still enjoyed listening to the machine, but my head hurt like heck and the last 10-15 minutes was awful. I remember how horrible my head and shoulders felt and the pain of not being able to move my head was excruciating. Seriously.

This time it was worse. Not only did I have the pain in the last twenty minutes, I had panic too, and that’s after taking TWO valium (that drug is worthless to me). I kept praying for each scan to be the last, and finally couldn’t take it anymore – I pushed the button. Thankfully, I pushed the button AFTER the last scan, so I was all done. I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Shaking like a leaf. Getting to the car and then starting to sob.

I will not do that again. Will not. I can’t. I know, I’m a huge wimp but it won’t happen. I will not have another MRI. Nope. Can not do it. It was awful. It’s now 6:30pm (my scan was at 12:30) and I’m still shaking from it. Won’t do it again.

That’s all for now – just need to be clear on this in case I forget….

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2 Responses to MRI – not for a weakling like me

  1. Theona says:

    Michelle, I’m so sorry to hear about today’s MRI. I was really hoping it wouldn’t be a negative experience. I hope you can relax tonight and get over the experience. I also hope your results will be conclusive one way or another.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks Theona, but guess what! It was clear! Yippie!

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