AHA Moments…

I’m currently reading a book by Roy Swank about Multiple Sclerosis and his recommended diet. I’m not that far into the book, but as I’m reading it, I’m seeing symptoms that I never thought were symptoms, just nuisances, like my skin being very sensitive for a couple of days, or the bottom of my foot being numb for a few hours – stuff like that. I want to tell he who shall not be named about these symptoms, but I don’t want him thinking I’m a hypochondriac.

It’s a little scary for me. I’ll be starting that diet on Monday (I want to read and absorb the book first before I go on it) and I’m a little sad. No butter. No coke. No chocolate chips. Things that I truly love.

Those of you who know me, know I’m not a healthy eater at all. I LOVE junk food. No more of that. It makes me a little sad, but when I go to the Swank website and see how well some people are doing on this diet, it also makes me a little excited. I’m told that eventually I’ll get over not having coke or butter or chocolate. It may even take 6 months, but eventually, I’ll get used to it. The diet is a very healthy way of eating, but not wacko, so I’ll probably even lose weight. That will be nice. I really want to put this thing at bay, and I’m hoping that this diet, or new way of eating will do it.

I just came home from Minneapolis yesterday. I had a wonderful time. I’m so glad that I went. It was so good to see friends of mine in person again. Some of these people I only see once a year, so it was WONDERFUL to see them again. It was also great to see friends of mine that I’ve only met online and put a face to their posts. Showcase also reconfirmed that I love being a consultant. I may never be on stage, or earn awards, or even make money at this thing, but I love, love, love being a consultant. I love going to Showcase, love doing workshops, and even love doing classes. I hope that once this diet kicks in, I won’t be so darned tired and I’ll be able to put more energy into my business again. I’m exhausted! (And I found out by reading this book that that’s a common symptom. I had no idea! I just figured I was a lazy bum who was tired all of the time because I don’t eat properly or exercise. It’s hard to get off the couch though when you’re so tired you can barely lift your head).

So, I’ll be starting this hopefully on Monday. I want to go in totally prepared. I keep falling asleep during the book, so I’m hoping that I will actually finish it before then. I hope I’ll seriously follow it.

My friend CloverGirl’s MRI didn’t go well. It makes me so sad. I was confident that things were okay. Say a prayer for her if you don’t mind.

Should go – may edit this later to add more.


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