Tingling in my fingers and toes….

Hellllooooooo everyone!!

Well, it’s begun. I’m a hypochondriac. My fingers and toes are tingling. DH said it could be my diet or because I’m thinking of it. Probably both!

I start my new diet tomorrow. I’m actually kind of excited about it. It’s so hard to comprehend though – lots of material to understand and absorb. I’ve been reading the book and I keep falling asleep during it (yeah, it’s that exciting). You know that’s actually part of the diet – he recommends a nap every day! Now that’s my kind of diet!

A bomb went off in the house. Well, there had to be a bomb because in some rooms, I can’t find the floor. I have my open house with CM this weekend, so it needs to be cleaned by then. I hope to get it done TODAY. Yeah, it’s THAT BAD!

Why do my towels still stink? I’ve done the vinegar, then bleach method. It’s not working. They smell fine coming out of the dryer, but then once they get wet, they stink! I don’t want to have to buy new towels. Blech.

Nothing much to say today – just trying my best to procrastinate and not do my housework. I better just get off my fat butt and get to work.

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