Resorting to bribery now…

I want a clean basement. They want legos. I’m resorting to bribery now.

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2 Responses to Resorting to bribery now…

  1. Martha says:

    See, over here, the legos are the reason for the messy basement. Last thing we’d need is more. 🙂Seriously, good luck with the effort. Either/or strategy usually works for us: either I pick them up and they disappear for a long time OR you pick them up and you can play again some other day.

  2. Michelle says:

    Legos are like currency here in this house. You want more legos? You do some work.The vacuum cleaner works well for legos too, Martha. (Where’s that sheepish smiley?)The kids did well. Once they heard they could get more, it only took an hour to get the work done. I’m going to bribe them again to see if they can reprice my inventory for me. I’m so evil.

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