Just rambling….

Well, the kids got the basement clean and we went to KMart to get them legos. They only wanted the $50 box. Um…nope. I’m not spending $50 for legos. So, I’ll be taking them to Meijer on Sunday after my open house to fulfill my end of the deal.

He who shall not be named surprised me the other day. DS1 was mouthing off to me (nothing really bad, but still not respectful) and he who shall not be named brought DS over to me to apologize. He told DS1 to never talk to me or any other woman in that way again or he’d have hell to pay. It surprised me as I’ve never seen that side of my husband. I can’t explain it, but it was nice.

I’m so lucky to be married to him. He puts up with my mess and rarely complains. He deserves so much more. He’s even going on this MS diet with me, which he surely does not need to do. He wants to support me, and I keep telling him that it’s okay – he doesn’t need to do this with me, but he’s all for it. In fact, he even apologized for eating Doritios the other day (I can’t have them). He’s a keeper. I love him so much.

I need to get back downstairs to price inventory. I’m exhausted all of the time, so every move is an effort lately. I need to get the inventory repriced, the laundry done, and the main floor clean (including the picture window – it’s full of fingerprints) all today. I want to be able to enjoy and rest tomorrow before the sale.

Have a great day – I better get to work!

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