How to do Once a Month Cooking

Step 1: Find freezer open that DS was in the night before and all meat inside defrosted.

Step 2: Spend 7 hrs with husband on grill and you on the stove and oven cooking said meat.

There you go! Easy as pie!

Yes, my wonderful middle son (I say wonderful because he really is – I love him to pieces), left the stand-up freezer downstairs open so that everything defrosted. I found this out at around 4pm Thursday the 16th. Of course, this is the day before my big Creative Memories sale. I was up until 3am getting ready and baking bread.

The sale went well. I was pleased. No bookings, but that’s okay. I’m hoping to work a couple of craft fairs this fall to expand my customer base. We weren’t able to completely clean out the freezer because it was packed, so I have some baking soda in there to absorb the odor. PLUS, there were meat drippings all over the floor outside the freezer, and although we got as much out as we could, we couldn’t get everything out from under the freezer. Baking soda again….

I’m hoping we’ll be able to transfer everything to coolers next week (too busy in the meantime) so we can defrost and move that puppy to get the whole room clean. Nasty.

My left eye (the good one) hurts a ton lately. It hurts like the other eye, but without the vision loss. It’s scaring me. If you read this, will you say a prayer that it doesn’t get worse? Tylenol and Advil aren’t even touching the pain.


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One Response to How to do Once a Month Cooking

  1. Nicole says:

    Well, at least when you decide to do something, you really decide to do it! However, I think this should qualify as “once a year” cooking. We’ve had the freezer thing happen to us before too. It is horrible. Ice cream is actually the worst, because it melts and leaves that thick bubbly layer that you have to scrape up before you can wipe up. Good luck with your diet. I rarely miss candy anymore, but when I do I miss it BAD. Find some new things to substitute; if you have a plan for when the cravings hit it’s easier to face them. Prayers as always from me.

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