It’s getting easier….

Well, I’ve been on this diet for 2.5 weeks now, and it’s getting easier. I’m glad I started it. I’m still not sleeping well, but I think as soon as I get rid of the caffeine it will be easier. I love the fact that I’m learning new recipes. I miss chocolate, but have fallen in love with peanut butter cookies. I’ve already made two batches of them. I’ve also found a new love for strawberries. I’ve always liked them, but now I’m finding that I LOVE them. I plan on cutting up some for dessert tonight. We’re going to have enchiladas. I’m excited about that because I finally found some tortillas I can have from the Whole Foods Store near my parents’ house. I’m so jealous – I wish we had a store like that up north. I’m finding that my palate is changing – I’m liking it!

I’m in a major cleaning mode today. The house is pathetic. I have so much work to do just to make it look somewhat presentable. The yard’s pathetic too. I’m hoping that once my littlest is in school that I’ll be able to work on the yard. It’s that bad.

So, nothing much is going on at all in my life right now. That’s a very good thing. We met the kids’ teachers yesterday, and I think we’ll end up with a good year this year. The kids are excited for school, and my baby (who is 3 now) will be starting preschool. We’re not fully functional on the potty (that’s scaring me a bit), but we still have a week to go. He actually woke me up to use the potty today – that’s fantastic!

He Who Shall Not Be Named has an incredibly busy day today. I probably won’t see him until late tonight. I hope he’ll be hungry for dinner – I’m excited for enchiladas!

Have a swell day!

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2 Responses to It’s getting easier….

  1. Brandi says:

    I’m so glad the diet is going well, Michelle. I know you were worried, but it sounds like you’re doing great!! So sorry I couldn’t come meet you and all the gals when you were down here. That was DD’s birthday, and I went to work late…didn’t think my boss would like me to take a LOOOONG lunch, too! Keep up the great work. You’re making big sacrifices, but your health is worth it.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks Brandi!You know, my parents live downstate, so I come down to visit them often. Next time I head down there, I’ll shoot you a PM and we’ll hook up for lunch or something. Maybe we can do stuff with all of the kids one evening.

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