FLYlady and pain- two completely different things all in one post

Whooo Nelly. My mouth hurts. Pain all the way.

So, Saturday, November 2nd we had our fall autumn fling. It’s a huge fundraiser for the school and it does quite well. We went, bid on a couple of things, won a couple of things and really enjoyed ourselves. I came home and my jaw was hurting a bit, but it wasn’t anything horrible.

Sunday I was in more pain and decided to give my dentist (a good friend) a call on Monday morning. I did that and then called the oral surgeon she recommended and scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted on the day before Thanksgiving.

Tuesday I had much pain, Wednesday it was much worse so he who shall not be named called our dentist friend who pulled strings for me to have them extracted at 7:30am on Thursday. We stayed the night in Traverse City, a good hour away, and the kids had fun at the pool while I nursed myself with vicodin and advil.

The surgery went well (I guess) and all I remember for it was the nurse telling me that I want a columbia jacket from the toothfairy. I guess I must have mentioned that. 😀 I wasn’t in too much pain Wednesday or Thursday, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday it progressed. By Monday I couldn’t handle it anymore. I went in to see my dentist’s partner and she, thankfully, helped me by numbing up my jaw and putting oil of clove in my dry socket. Ouch.

That helped for a few days and now it’s Friday. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I feel like such the wimp, but I’m in pain. Thankfully, our dentist friend had an opening today, checked me out, and I’m not crazy – I DO have legitimate pain! I have trismus (not exactly sure of what that is, but I think it’s lock jaw) and I have to do jaw exercises. She also upped the amount of ibuprofen to take.

So, let’s hope I’ll be able to find relief from this soon. I’m amazed at the amount of pain a mouth can give me. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Good thing is that it’s the weekend and I’ll be able to rest here at home. I was going to go scrapbook up at a local school, but I think I may just stay home and crop downstairs. Then if I’m tired, I can take a nap.

On to FLYlady. Years ago (yes, years) I subscribed to her website. I got her emails throughout the day and loved her system. Thing is, I couldn’t for the life of me follow it. I think I am too ADD for the emails. I’d go on, read the emails, then surf Scrapshare, check my email, etc. I’d promptly forget what FLYlady had to say. Now I’m on digest and honestly, I don’t even see her emails as I delete them as soon as I get them. The house hasn’t benefitted at all with the exception of me getting all of my important phone numbers in the right place.

Now fast forwared to a few days ago. My precious DD is growing up more and more and I know that I need to really teach her about taking care of herself. A couple of my friends on Scrapshare told me to purchase the American Girl book, “The Care and Keeping of You.” So, I ordered it through Amazon. Of course, while I was there I saw FLYlady’s book and had to buy it.

What a great book. It’s much easier for me to read things in a book than remember them in email. It has helped me out so much! I’m getting into a routine now. Dressed to my shoes. Got the main floor looking good (had it done by 11:30 today – wowzers) and ready to start working in zones. FLYlady has also helped me with my pain as I’m so busy trying to get the house in order that I’m not noticing the pain as much. It’s when I go to bed that the pain gets so severe that I can’t stand it.

So, that’s all for today I bet you were hoping for something exciting. Sorry to disappoint, but if you’re one of those people who read my blog to fall asleep, this should help you (if you made it this far).

Have a swell day!

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