Out with one hussy, in with another….

Well, DH’s “other wife” has moved out and only three hours later what happens? He brings a new hussy home.

She’s black and sleek and very, very fast. Since she’s been here, he’s spent most of his time in the garage with HER. He can’t wait to take her out, but it’s been a little cold. He may take her out to, GASP, my favorite lake tomorrow afternoon but I may tag along depending on how I feel (and how bright things are outside).

For Mother’s Day, I’ve asked if we could take her out together, but he may not be ready to share her yet.


Here’s a bad picture of her, but it’s her – taking up space in my garage. Space that should be for my car, but oh well, right?

Notice the waders hanging in the distance? Notice the HOLE IN THE WALL near the motor?

Yeah, I’m happy about that as I am sure the neighbors are too.

Right above her is his THIRD wife. A canoe. He hasn’t used her in a while. Since we had child #3 we haven’t been able to use the canoe. I’m hoping that we may be able to use it sometime this summer. I miss her and she doesn’t bother me as much. At least she hangs in the rafters – THIS HUSSY takes up all of the space in my garage meaning that there’s no room for my car in the dead of winter. She owes me BIG TIME this summer for all of the times I had to scrape my car. I need the kids to get just a little taller so they can start scraping for me. I’ll even pay them.


She better be worth it. I’ll be using her on Mother’s Day. Hope DH won’t be jealous. I wonder if he’ll actually let me tow her….

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