Oh, Just Mindless Babbling…

Mindless Babble #1
Today I did something for the first time that many mothers have been doing for years and years. I put my kids on the bus. It’s just the bus to swim practice, but its still a bus. A tear came to my eye when I saw my DS wave out the window and then I quickly got over it and thought “FREEDOM!” Of course I still have the little guy with me, but he doesn’t fight with anyone when nobody’s around.

Mindless Babble #2
The kids sang a Mother’s Day song to me in the livingroom with coordinated hand gestures and everything. It was precious and they sang in tune – all three of them. Watch out Von Trapp family.

Mindless Babble #3
My ankle cracked big time when I got up to leave the gym today from the Mother’s Day celebration. Ouch.

Mindless Babble #4
I should be cooking dinner but I’m here instead. We’re having burritos without lettuce. We don’t have lettuce right now. (It’s gonna kill me – what’s a burrito without lettuce?) Guess I should start making them now since DH will be home soon.

Mindless Babble #5
I wanted to call my sister but she’s working, so I called my Mom at work instead. No answer. Called my Dad at home. He’s not there either. I think they’re all avoiding me. No reason why other than they aren’t answering their phones and I want to talk!

Mindless Babble #6
There’s still a hole in the back of the garage but it’s much larger. It looks like a coffin now. DH and his buddy built a “closet” type thing for his motor because the boat is too long for the garage. I feel bad for the neighbors. Wonder if one of them are blogging about us on one of those bad neighbor websites.

Mindless Babble #7
I’m a dork, I know, but I never end anything on 6. Ever. So even though I don’t have anything else to babble about, I had to have a number seven. Yeah, I know. I’m a dork.

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