If five years ago you would have told me that I would be an American Idol fan, I probably would have disowned you. I’m not a reality TV person – I prefer the History Channel or FOX News, but American Idol? Oh please.

But being the mother I am (a sucker for her kids), I’ve dutifully watched every episode of American Idol with my kidlets this year and now I will admit it. I am an American Idol fan (gasp!)

Yesterday we got all ready for bed before 8pm so we could sit together as a family (well, minus Dad – he hates AI still) and we watched our favorite Idols sing on stage. It was cool for me as I knew most of the music they were singing and earned mucho respect from the kiddos. It was neat to see Bryan Adams up there, though George Michael looked kind of spaced out and lost.

We were THRILLED beyond words that our pick, David Cook, won the coveted prize. My DD and her best friend were on the phone all night commenting on the show and when David Cook’s name was called, all three of us (the youngest fell asleep) were screaming. Yeah – me too! So all of those hours on the phone voting (yeah, I promised the kids I would do it…for them you know… not for me….for them….that’s it) paid off in the end. Our David won!!

Of course after sending the kids to bed, I had to download my faves of his before they took them off ITunes. I burned a disk and surprised the kids when I took them to school this morning. I popped the disk in the cd player in the car and DD screamed, “Mom – this is David COOK!” when she heard the first song. Hee hee – scored big time cool mom points there!

Little do they know that I really made the disk for me, but they don’t need to know that, right?

As much as I loved American Idol, I’m glad it’s over now. Now we can concentrate on doing some outdoor activities as a family and my wonderful husband can join us again. 😀 I miss him every Tuesday and Wednesday night. 😀

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