May 23, 2008

Gas prices.
Over $4.00 a gallon. I remember complaining when we went over $1 a gallon. I’d LOVE to be back at $2.00 (who wouldn’t). Here we are at my favorite gas station. They’ve got the good donuts. MMMM – love those Long Johns with the Boston Creme. Delish. (And their slurpees are good for bribing kids to behave in church). 😉

This gas station pumps your gas for you. Great in the winter time when you’re freezing your behind off, but not right now with these gas prices. These pictures were taken within a minute of each other. Huge difference in price!

So, gas prices are keeping us home on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a beautiful day up here, but a touch cold. Definitely not a day for swimming. I’m not even sure I’d be comfortable out on the boat, but it sure is pretty out. I hope gas pirces drop down soon – I only have 1/2 of a tank left.

On a lighter note, we celebrated a mini Relay for Life on Friday. We had it at the kids’ school. I don’t know how much money we raised for the cause, but the kids sure had fun. DS ran for 4 miles! I’m so proud of him.

I wasn’t able to stay the full day because of DS2 (he was a little grumpy), but it was a fun day for the older two kids. It started off with a Mass and prayer service, and then the high school band came out and led the kids around the stadium with our fight song. We then had another band come in to motivate the kids while they ran their laps. It was fun.

Here’s the band. They were very entertaining. I knew all of the songs they played, but according to the kids, it’s because I’m old, NOT because I’m hip.

DD and her best friend. This girl is a sweetie. When we moved up here, she welcomed DD with open arms. Love this girl.

DS had a blast handing out Relay for Life bracelets to the kids walking the track:

All in all, a fun day. It was very cold, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. Hopefully Spring weather will be here soon. It’s been cold out, but that’s okay – makes it more comfortable in school without the heat.

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