Sigh…HE’s back. My First True Love….

He’s back in my life. No, not the guy I dated in high school.  He was nice, but not right for me.

No, not the other guy I dated in high school. He was cool, but we’ve lost touch.

No, not the guy I knew in college who is now a famous rock star in another country. How bizarre is that? He’s doing exceptionally well and I’d love to see him again, though I’m sure he doesn’t remember my name (I’m okay with that – seriously).
No, it’s not my wonderful, love-of-my-life-husband – he never left my life, so it can’t be him.
But I digress….
HE’s back. The most wonderful man in the world…
Henry Jones II. Junior. Indy. Indiana.

He’s back and he’s here…for me. Thank you Steven Speilberg and George Lucas.

I’m in love again with this man:

Sure, he’s old enough to be my dad. Does it matter? Love knows no true age.
I first fell in love with him when I was about 10. You see, as a child I wanted so badly to be a biblical archeaologist – not a regular archeologist mind you, but a biblical one. When I was 12 I even subscribed to the magazine Biblical Archeology Review. Other girls read Seventeen and People. Not me. I read Biblical Archeology Review, Omni (remember that magazine?) and Time. I was a nerd and I knew it. Did I care? Sometimes. I realized I was a little different then and did my best to embrace it.
But Indy – he understood me. His love of ancient artifacts paralleled my own. It didn’t help that he was so charming, so strong, so convicted, and well, not real, but that didn’t matter. I was in love. We were a perfect match. He didn’t like snakes. I don’t like snakes. He wore glasses. I wore glasses. To a 10 year old, things like that mattered. Plus, he had a wonderful twin brother:

…though in that particular movie series, I was more in love with this man:
I could write a whole ‘nother post about Luke (sigh) and if I weren’t so afraid of flying, I probably would have been a rebel fighter pilot and Jedi Master with him, but Indy – his job was more realistic and do-able. I could do his job (except for the snake, rat and spider parts), but with him by my side, he’d just sweep me off my feet and protect me from all of that.

I had plans to join Indy in his work. Taught myself a little bit of Greek, Hebrew and Latin (seriously, I did in college), but then life happened. I then ended up meeting the true love of my life, a real person mind you, settled down and had three beautiful babes. We’re happy.

I’m not an archeologist, though I still read up on the stuff. I let my Biblical Archeology Review suscription laspe, and now instead of digging up history, I’m digging in the sand with a four year old on a Lake Michigan beach. Not the same, but still very meaningful.
I’m okay with that.
But he’s back and I’m gonna spend a night with him next weekend. Just Indy, my husband and 3 rugrats, a bucket of popcorn or two and The Real Thing. Maybe we’ll make it extra special and have some Sno-Caps. All I care about it that I’ll be in heaven with the first love of my life….Indiana Jones.


Thank goodness for the husband I have who puts up with this other man. Thank you…. my wonderful, wonderful husband.

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4 Responses to Sigh…HE’s back. My First True Love….

  1. Hey, Michelle – LOVE this post. Isn’t there something…special….about Indy? Tracy in FL

  2. Michelle says:

    Tracy – I messed up on my reply so I had to delete. 🙂Sigh – I love the man. I hope I won’t have to compete against you too. 😉Sigh….

  3. Traci says:

    Fabulous post! Absolutely fabulous. It’s funny, dreamy, and well written too.My husband actually asked me to have a date night with him this week. In actuality I think HE is looking forward to a date with Indy also, lol.

  4. shirley says:

    Great blog entry! In a lot of ways, I feel the same way (and I had a crush on Luke, at least for the 1st SW movie).Harrison Ford still looks great in his Indy garb, yielding that whip!

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