I Wish I Had a Million Dollars…..HOT DOG!

So I’m sitting here all alone in my dark livingroom. The kids are in bed. DH is gone fishing and I’m bored out of my mind. The house is silent. All I can hear is the faint humming of the hard drive of my computer. (Hope that’s not a bad thing).

I don’t daydream often, but when I do daydream, I like to daydream about winning the lottery and what I’d do with the winnings. I have it all planned out in my noggin and I figured, why not write it down in my blog?

So – I just won the lottery. Think of a huge amount of money….What do I do with it?

My answer: Get rid of it as fast as I can.

DH makes a good living. He’s a family doc and a busy one at that. He’s well loved by the people in this community and he likes his job. I would hope that if we won some money, he’d stay employed as a doc. He’s needed. Maybe he’d take another day off during the week and have a lighter schedule. Maybe he’d do more pro-bono work, but I think he’d keep working. So after paying off the student loans, setting up college educations, etc, I’d do my best to get rid of the money as fast as possible.

I’d give a big chunk of it to our school.

When we first moved here to our little town I wanted the kids in a private Catholic school. It was important to me for the kids to be able to pray and walk with the Lord in school. The Catholic school was the first place I explored. It was so important to me to have the kids in a Catholic school that we wouldn’t have moved here if one didn’t exist here. Thank goodness one did. 😀

I arrived there on the last day of school and the place was a mess. It was run down, dirty, not at all like the rich school we just came from, but there was something so special about it. Something that immediately drew me in and made me realize that this would be home for our kids for the next several years. The Holy Spirit was very powerful there.

It was clear to me that the Holy Spirit was an every day part of this school. I was fortunate to attend Mass with the kids and the holiness overwhelmed me. These kids were worshipping – not just following the humdrum of the Mass – they were involved! The priest was energetic and enthusiastic and had me, a total stranger, in tears with the rest of the school during his final homily. It was a beautiful moment and I knew then that this school was where my children belonged.

So I want to help the school.

Now since then, the school has had many renovations. The Chapel has been renovated. All of the classrooms have been remodeled. The library is gorgeous and the computer lab is fantastic! But… the school needs so much more and boy, wouldn’t it be fun to anonymously donate to make some of the teachers’ wishes come true? I’d love to purchase some much needed books, maybe raise some salaries, buy new audio/visual equipment, bring in a full time Spanish teacher and more. I’d also redo the parking lot and make the parking spaces bigger – I know – silly thing, but I’m tired of my car doors being dented when I’m there to volunteer. 😉

I’d also give money to our church.

When we go to Mass, it’s hard not to see the hole in the ceiling. It so badly needs to be repaired. I wish I had the money now to fix that puppy, but we don’t.

When I was in highschool, one of my dreams was to be a missionary. I was so influenced by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I wanted so badly to do what she was doing -working to save not only the body, but the soul as well. She was my hero and for a while…just a brief moment in time…I was prepared to enter the convent. Oh, how different life would be if I did. I would love to donate a huge chunk of change to her ministry as well as the Capuchins down in Detroit. Why stop there? I’d donate to the Pregnancy Center here as well as the Salvation Army – two wonderful outreach programs in our community.

I’d also give a ton of change to the public library here and hand out bills to people leaving the grocery store. Wouldn’t that be fun? The kids and I do it in the drive thru now and then – wouldn’t it be fun to expand on that and buy someone all of their groceries or even pay their rent? (Anonymously of course).

I’d also love to just pick a random name out of the phone book and bless them. How fun would that be?

You know, I could do some of that right now…better get a move on it…. 😉

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?

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