Hmmmm – wonder if I should start building an ark….

though I don’t have the cash flow to do so, I’m wondering if I should…

It has been raining non.stop today. Non stop. It’s been raining so hard that when I went to get the kids from school, I noticed that the inside of my car was SOAKED. Rain had poured down through the sunroof and the weatherstripping and formed a nice little puddle on my front seat. Sigh. Wonder how much that’s going to cost to fix as the sunroof was closed tightly.

Today I bought over $200 worth of groceries and they bagged them in paper bags because once again, I forgot those darn green bags. When I left the store it was pouring – I was soaked and of course, the groceries were too. Every.single.bag ripped when I was unloading the car. Every single one of them.

What a day.

So, Noah, how do you build an ark again? Or should I be saying, “Calgon….take me away!”

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4 Responses to Hmmmm – wonder if I should start building an ark….

  1. shirley says:

    I hear you on the Rain – we received 6.5″ in a 36 hour period.At least I now have piece of mind that unless the sump pump dies, our basement should remain dry….

  2. Michelle says:

    Thankfully no flooding last night in the house – just the car. It’s incredibly humid here today. Not a good hair day at all. 😀

  3. Chris says:

    Awww Michelle–hang in there. I’m sorry to read about your day. Hope the weekend is better!

  4. Theona says:

    Please send some of that rain our way. It is hot and too dry. We get a cloud burst that may last about 45 minutes. I always forget my recyclable green bags in the car too. I put them where I’ll see them when I go to the store and someone always moves them. Short-term memory here anyway . . .!

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