$500 for a Vacuum Cleaner? (Otherwise Known as "When Did I Become So Cheap?")

Well, the vacuum decided to stop working last week and the repair shop isn’t answering their phone, so in a moment of weakness at Sam’s Club, I bought a Dyson.

Apparently it’s a top of the line Dyson because it cost me $474 plus tax. This thing better be worth it. Will it make my must.replace.now.before.I.hurt.myself carpets look new again? I certainly hope so.

I sound like my Grandpa D. I lived with him and Grandma for a while in college. I was Red Cross certified and they liked that. Grandpa didn’t want to die, so I lived there for a few years because I knew CPR. He was Fred Sanford in disguise. He was “dying” for years – in fact – he was “dying” for almost 25 years! (When he finally did die, the whole family was like…”uh, I guess he really was dying”).

But anyway…..(sorry for the tangent there…)

Nearly every day he would ask me to run down the street to the Hollywood Market and buy stuff for him. He loved their coleslaw.

When I’d get home he’d lay everything out on the table (including his change) and he’d double check all of the prices to make sure he didn’t get short changed at all. Then Grandma and I would put everything away.

I did this nearly every day for almost two years.

Funny how things like that wear on you. I have a full pantry at all times now, just like Grandpa and Grandma and I always check my receipts. Must be a family trait.

I think I also inherited the whole, “you want how much for THAT? You’ve got to be (insert word of choice) kidding me.”

I just paid $500 for a vacuum cleaner. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. This thing better be worth its weight in gold.

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3 Responses to $500 for a Vacuum Cleaner? (Otherwise Known as "When Did I Become So Cheap?")

  1. CloverGirl says:

    If it’s anything like my Dyson…you’ll LOVE it!!! I found mine was well worth the money. I did get a better deal, though. 🙂 LOL!

  2. Michelle says:

    Don’t rub it in girl. 😀

  3. Theona says:

    That might be, but Michelle’s probably sings and dances. :-p

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