This is a Serious and Personal Post….

so if you’re expecting me to be funny or witty (HA, like THAT would happen), well, go read Sue’s, Martha’s or Lee’s blogs. This blog isn’t for you today. Go ahead – you can go.

For those of you who are brave enough to stay, I have a serious problem. No, it’s not an Oreo addiction, though you could say I have a problem with that, but we’ve already gone there haven’t we? No, it’s not an obsession with Indiana Jones (though I did think of changing my name to “Michigan Michelle” – has a ring to it, no?) No, it’s not the fact that my husband is fishing AGAIN and SPENDS ALL OF HIS VACATION TIME WITH HIS DAD AND HIS BROTHER (well, we’ll talk about that one later…maybe with a therapist or something). No, it’s not the fact that I STILL can NOT decide what color I want to paint the bedroom – (any ideas?)

It’s….gosh, it’s so hard to talk about. Give me a moment please.

Deep breath….

Composing myself here…

Okay. It’s… gosh….it’s my addiction to….no, my OBSESSION with…



Yes. You read that right. I’m addicted – no, I’m obsessed with puzzles.
Any kind of puzzle. 1000 piece puzzles. 100 count puzzles. 4 piece puzzles. The alphabet puzzle that’s missing the X. The Dora the Explorer puzzle that’s on the living room floor that I’ve been asking for TWO STINKIN’ DAYS to be put away. Outdated map puzzles.

Puzzles. I love them.

I know, I know…it’s not like I’m addicted to meth or – worse – Starbucks or something, but give me any type of puzzle and I’m basically out of the picture for hours on end. Kids don’t get fed. House doesn’t get cleaned. Laundry doesn’t get done. I can’t physically tear myself away from a puzzle until every last piece has its home. I’m obsessed for hours until it’s finished. I beg you….please don’t call CPS on me. I’m addicted to puzzles.

And now the fact that you can do puzzles ONLINE? OMFSM, (that’s “Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster” for those poor folks who accidently found this blog), it’s a miracle that my kids actually got dinner today. Hey, it was Wendy’s, but that’s still food, right? It looks like food and the kids aren’t hungry anymore, so all is okay, right? (Just say, “Yes Michelle”).
It doesn’t help at all that my addiction has ventured out into other puzzle realms like, oh





(Will Shortz’ books are the BEST).

It will be okay, right? I mean, it’s only a puzzle.

Just ask any family member what’s lying next to the bed, on the couch, on the kitchen counter, in the car, NOT in the bathroom (that’s gross – eww), and they’ll answer “Mom’s Sudoku or Crossword books and a sharp pencil.”

Is there a 12-Step Program for puzzle addicts like me?

See my next addiction? It’s a puzzle that turns into a cube. I think it’s called a Crazy Cube. Rumor has it that the teacher store downtown is full of them. Guess where I’m headed tomorrow?

My poor kids. Pray for them will you?

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2 Responses to This is a Serious and Personal Post….

  1. Lee says:

    Prayin’ for your kids. And, when you find the 12-step program, let me know and I’ll send Louis with you 🙂(Still laughing about the “witty, funny comment. You crack me up! Love ya!)GREAT post. Truly.

  2. shirley says:

    Sodoku is the best. Thank goodness I haven’t ventured into the online versions!Great post!

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