I Need to Buy Stock in Target…

I should just sign my life away to Target and call it a day. I can’t walk out of that place without spending hundreds of dollars.

The kids had a swim meet yesterday in Muskegon (we won!) so we stayed the night there at the Hampton and hit Target today.

$375 allowed us to walk out with….

2 outfits and 2 shirts for Meghan, 2 shirts for me, 4 shorts and 2 shirts for Jake, some granola bars, a huge six pack of pringles, the new LEGO Indiana Jones video game for the Playstation, a Harry Potter video, some Fourth of July paraphenelia since we will be a bed and breakfast for the holiday week for about 15 extra people, an incredibly annoying Batmobile that says “to the Bat Cave” over and over, and these four games:

My inlaws gave me a gift card and I actually spent it on myself! So I added to my collection of vintage games.

I collect these games from Target. They are the “Vintage” collection and I LOVE them. They look nice on the bookshelf too. We already had Monopoly, CLUE, Yatzee and Sorry. The only one I think we need is Scrabble and then I’ll have the full set.

I can’t WAIT until DH comes home so we can play Risk. I love that game. I’m gonna win global domination and make him cry (insert evil laugh here).

Really, I won’t win – I never win, but a girl can dream.

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5 Responses to I Need to Buy Stock in Target…

  1. Lee says:

    Oooh, liking those games! Gotta get me to Target (said the Canadian way: Tarjay, of course!) Louis would play Risk with you. And for humouring him, he might let you win!!

  2. shirley says:

    The Indiana Jones Lego game is great! We love those lego versions.

  3. agent713 says:

    Tell me about those games? Are they re-issues with standardized boxes? If so, that’s really cool. I hate trying to keep my game cupboard organized because everything’s different sizes.Oh, and I’d play any of those games with you at the drop of a hat. Risk included.

  4. Michelle says:

    Heidi – they are all the same height and depth (think of a book). The width varies, but by little. They look very nice on a bookshelf and the boxes are wood (that’s a big deal here in this house).The kids are not allowed to use these games unless DH or I are playing too. I love them.BTW – I was the first to be conquered at Risk. I have no Machiavelli in me. 😉

  5. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever played Risk. Please don’t hurt me…

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