I Don’t Have Time to Blog Today….Yet Here I Am….

I don’t have time to blog today. My MYL bingo list is 25 chores long. (MYL is a subsection of a scrapbooking board I visit. We play BINGO in which we make a list of chores, normally 20, and the person who starts the bingo calls a number. You go do that number on your list as fast as you can to try to beat everyone else and call the next number. It breaks up the day and my kids LOVE doing it).

Anyway, my list is 25 chores long. We have my sister and my brother’s families coming up on the Fourth and although the house is very neat, there are things I want to get done before they get here.

Yesterday I tore apart the boys’ room, steam cleaned the carpeting, washed the windows and the baseboards. Today I’ll be in DD’s room and the living room washing the baseboards, windows, etc. I’ll also be reorganizing closets, drawers and cupboards and a basement.

If you never hear from me and start to worry, tell my DH to look in the basement. I’ll probably be rotting under a pile of LEGOs.

See ya soon (God willing).

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