Good News/Bad News

Good News: The house is spotless. It is so darn clean I should put it up for sale now.
Bad News: Give the kids an hour and it will be trashed again.

Good News: I bought some really cool games from Target the other day (I mentioned them in my blog a few days ago).
Bad News: I have been creamed by my DH and kids in all of them.

Good News: I organized (kinda) my scrapbook room. It’s ready for scrapbooking again.
Bad News: I have no time to scrapbook until after the holiday weekend.

Good News: We have the house ready for 15+ guests to come up for the holiday.
Bad News: We’ll have to clean it again after everyone leaves.

Good News: The scale is FINALLY moving in my favor!!!
Bad News: I’m really hungry most of the day.

Good News: After a few years of emotional hell due to my health I’m finally feeling GREAT!!
Bad News: I still can’t see a thing out of my right eye and will probably be blind for life. My neuro called today and didn’t leave a message. I’m just not going to think about why he wants to talk with me.

Good News: My daughter actually tried something new to eat today – two days in a row!
Bad News: No bad news to report on this one other than I’m flabbergasted!

Good News: My family is the best ever and are playing Risk right now as I type.
Bad News: I’m not playing with them. Instead I have to do payroll. Blech.

Good News: I’m happy!
Bad News: How can there be bad news when you’re in a good mood, just had a great meal and you’re very content?

It’s all perspective. 🙂

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One Response to Good News/Bad News

  1. Lee says:

    Nice to see you enjoying the lemonade 🙂

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