Wow – two posts in one day. That’s either great or torture for you! 😉

This week’s blog challenge from a website I often frequent (and so do most of you, I’m sure) tells us to blog about how we celebrate Independance Day, then to come back and blog again after the fact with pictures.

Independance Day has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays. Our little town has a wonderful festival where you literally can’t run out of things to do. My house becomes a bed and breakfast for my brother and sister’s families. DH’s parents, two sets of aunts and uncles, my parents and DH’s cousins come up and visit too.

It is so much fun!

We go to the beach. We go to the carnival (I do’nt really care for carnivals, but my kids love them and for them, it’s worth it). We eat “carnie food” – gotta have those elephant ears. I take TONS of pictures. There’s a rubber ducky race, a wonderful arts and crafts fair (that’s the highlight of the weekend for me) and one of the best parades in the state. We have an armory here, so when the soldiers march down our street, it’s so hard for me to not cry!

That’s only a smidgen of what’s available to do this weekend.

The fireworks are a highlight for us as we’ll pack up the cooler and walk down to the beach. There’s plenty of room down there and we’ll veg out on the beach and wait for the fireworks. Sometimes it’s a little cool, but we’ll bury the kids in the sand to keep them warm. We’ll often see friends of ours down there, which makes it even more fun for the kids.

George M. (a musical) is playing at the Theatre and maybe we’ll go see that. The entire family will go to church on Sunday and then head on over to our school to enjoy a pancake breakfast.

Even if none of those scheduled things happen, the fact that my precious family – both sides – will be here is all I could want or need. We’ll probably play ladderball, botchee ball or croquet in the backyard, there will be a lot of food, tons of laughter and chalk drawings all over the driveway.

I can’t wait!

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  1. Sue says:

    BOCCE ball, dear. BOCCE!LOL…don’t mess up the spelling of my heritage’s ancestral game.Hmph.

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