July 2008

Let’s see – what’s going on? Swim team is wrapping up. We are undefeated. Kids have done well considering it’s their first year. I’m so proud of them.

The family was up for Independance Day. It was a wonderful time and I miss them terribly.

Here’s a picture of most of my side of the family that was up that week. I’m the blonde in the back row. (Yeah, I know we’re all blondes). 😉

The summer is going by too quickly for me and the beaches are closed AGAIN! Over 8 inches of trash washed up ashore the day before yesterday so they closed the beaches to clean up and test the water. Looks like it may have come from Wisconsin.

The superintendant, fifth and sixth grade teachers all have left our little school. This is a true pain for us parents who want what’s best for our kids and are tired of starting over every year.

Oh, and what else? I’m going through a huge dilemma on whether I should or should not go to my high school reunion. It’s causing me too much angst. High school was not the time of my life for me – in fact, it really wasn’t much to remember. Of course I had friends, but most of them were a year older or a year younger. People were nice and all, but I was so darn afraid and shy of everyone that I caused myself too much pain.

(The only picture online that I could find of my high school. Pathetic, eh?)

Not sure if I want to go through all of that again. It’s not that I’m worried about what people would say about me. I do weigh more than I did in high school, but I’m not bad looking. I’ve done well in life and I’m proud of my accomplishments. Graduated from a great university, married a wonderful man who is a doctor, have three beautiful kids – I’m happy. So why am I so darn worried about going to a reunion?

My husband was Mr. Popular in his high school. Dated the Valedictorian, was on the homecoming court – everyone knew him. I think he was even voted as part of a cutest couple or something like that. Played all of the sports and was good at them – lettered in hockey and was everyone’s best friend. Me? I was very active in softball for a while and then found a place in the theater, but really never felt comfortable wherever I was in high school. I didn’t start feeling a sense of belonging until I hit college and got married and had kids.

Not sure if I want to bring up all of those inadequate feelings I had back then. Sure I’d love to see people, but would they remember me? Do I want to bore my poor husband to death while we just sit there and watch people remember each other? (Though I did think about bringing my HS yearbook with me to have people sign, but DH and other friends thought that would be pretty uncomfortable).

Plus, I really don’t want to see an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was a year younger than me, but knowing him, he’ll find his way into my reunion. He was therapy scary – oh, what a mess! I don’t want to see him again.

BUT, something’s dragging me to want to go…maybe it’s just morbid curiosity or worse – self punishment. I don’t know. I’d love to see some of my theater friends and definitely my Facebook friends, but…gosh…surely someone else feels this way.

So I’m pondering all of that. Am I worrying about the elections or global warming or gas prices? No. I’m worried about a silly high school reunion – 3-4 hours of my life.

Silly Michelle.

Gotta get the kids to swim practice….

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3 Responses to July 2008

  1. CloverGirl says:

    So good to see you, Michelle!!!

  2. shirley says:

    I know how you feel about the reunion. I say, if you want to go, you should go.

  3. Lee says:

    With the exception the high school reunion, which I am so sorry is such torture (but hey, maybe you’re getting it all overwith now?) I’m glad you’re having such a great summer! 🙂

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