Independance Day Part II

I promised I’d post a follow up on our Fourth of July celebrations. I finally uploaded our pictures – I took over 300!!! Yikes!

July 3rd is when it all starts for us. Our town has a wonderful Forest Festival where we have TONS of activities and festivities to enjoy, so normally, our home becomes the meeting place for the rest of the family. Some people stay with us (my sis and her family) while others stay with DH’s aunt and uncle or in a hotel. People who visited us that weekend were my inlaws, my parents, DH’s aunt and uncle, my sister’s family and DH’s cousins and their kids. What a great weekend!
So July 3rd came and my sis and her family came up and we went grocery shopping. She was surprised that our prices in our stores were much higher than hers – I had to remind her that we are in a tourist area – of course they are!
We cooked dinner and then the guys and kids headed over to the beach to watch the fireworks while I finished up a cake and some pasta salad for the next day. Dani, my parents and I all walked down there to meet up with the rest of the family before the fireworks started. Of course I forgot the camera. DH’s aunt and uncle, my parents and my sister’s family all joined us in the celebration that evening.
The fireworks are shot off from the pier, so we all sat on the beach and enjoyed the show. There is no bad view, which is wonderful! We love living so close to the beach because the traffic is horrific going home. We just walk and probably make it home before most cars are able to leave the parking lot. Apparently there was also a deer hit so that slowed things down for traffic even more.
I’ll be honest – I was worried about my parents walking up our big hills, but they both did great!
The Fourth came and the family walked on down to the parade while I took DS to the parade launch site. We have a HUGE parade and thousands of people come to see it. We always sit near the end of the parade, so it’s not as energetic as it could be (those gymnasts must be exhausted when they get to us). Here are a few pictures:
The famous Scottville Clown Band – are they famous outside of Scottville? They are VERY good and very entertaining.

Normally the kids ride the school float, but this year DD wanted to watch the parade and DS wanted to walk with the Swim Team. He had a great time handing out candy and necklaces. I took a million parade pictures, but I thought I’d only share just a few for your sake (hey – I want you to come back and read again you know…)

My beautiful niece received this hat from a young man who was in the parade. We were near the end of the parade and he jumped off the float and gave it to her. “I saw you and want to give you my hat.” It was adorable.

Of course we teased her about it the entire day. DH really had a good time teasing her and she took it well.

DD and her good friend from D.I. who was on one of the floats. Notice the CAR behind them? They couldn’t wait for the parade to end so they (and many others) just pulled out in the middle of the parade. Nice.

After we enjoyed the parade, we came back to the house for some lunch and some old fashioned fun. We were going to play ladder ball, but the kids and the dads decided to do this instead:

He looks like he’s in pain, but he’s not. Just glorified wrestling (with a little bit of dodge ball thrown in there). This is DH’s cousin and his son. Fun stuff.

One set of cousins had to go home, so we made sure we had a picture of all of the cousins together. Unfortunately, we didn’t have everyone here – that would have been quite the picture!

We were pretty disappointed because ALL of us forgot about the duck races. We were looking forward to that (and the chalk drawing contest) but we DID make it to the bed races! This was a hoot and got DH and his cousin thinking of racing next year. Some wild and cut throat design ideas were tossed into the conversation. I have a feeling that I’ll be on a bed during next year’s race.

Vincent’s Ice Cream Shoppe ended up winning the race. Ice Cream always wins.

The next day (Saturday) my sister and I took the youngest to the arts and crafts fair while my BIL and my DH took the kids to the carnival on the beach. Of course, I forgot the camera again to take pictures of the art fair (my favorite of the whole weekend), but picked it up on my way to the beach:

DH and my nephew were making a sand dog. We also buried a couple of kids in the sand and met up with some new friends from downstate. My youngest nephew was swallowed by a wave, but my niece quickly picked him up. He has since sworn off all water except baths.

We were also able to get a family picture in. Why is DH all dressed up? He had to round earlier that day. Yes, that’s me in a bathing suit. Notice how the kids are strategically placed in front of me?

Thankfully our friend Tracy was there and she offered to take a family picture of all of us who were at the beach that day. This is most of my side of the family – my sister and her husband (and their kids of course), DH and I with our kids and my mom.

Saturday night everyone hung out here while my sis and I walked the river walk. It was so nice to see her again. Once we got home a girlfriend of mine from down state called me and I walked up to the carnival to see her. It was so good to finally meet her hubby and kids and her extended family was SO NICE! We’ll have to get together again when we have more time.

Sunday was a trip to Mass where I was able to pick on my sister’s lack of using sunscreen the day before. She could do nothing but wince in pain. Of course I got the dirty looks from my mom, but I could easily ignore those. 😉 The people behind us got a kick out of it though.

All in all a wonderful and fun weekend.

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2 Responses to Independance Day Part II

  1. Traci says:

    I know I already told you this on SS but I really love that family picture! And I’m loving all your 4th weekend pictures! That parade sounds awesome.

  2. agent713 says:

    Wow! Busy weekend! Just my style 😀

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