Our Day at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village is one of my favorite places to go. I LOVE American History, so any time we can make it down there, I’m in heaven. It’s a must do place with my camera as I love to take pictures not only of my kids, but of nature and the wonderful buildings at Greenfield Village.

So imagine my JOY when we pulled into the parking lot with my kids and my sister’s family. My sister is also a history geek, so we knew that between the two of us, the weather and the cousins all being best friends, we would have a GLORIOUS time.

And we did.

I have a wonderful digital camera, so it’s not unusual for me to take tons of pictures of my kids when we go to Greenfield Village (and any other place). I don’t get them all clean at once that often (unless they are in a school uniform or going to church), so I took many, many pictures. Have fun looking at them!

We were fortunate enough for both families to have yearly passes with the ride pass, so spending was minimal. It was also a BEAUTIFUL day. We first rode the Torch Lake train around the park. (Coincidently, it was on the Torch Lake line that my Great-Grandfather was killed up north many, many, many years ago – which of course, my dad needed to mention to my kids later in the day, but we still enjoyed our ride):


Then after a wonderful train ride we walked through the village and went to the Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is one of my favorite parts of the village as it houses all of the steam engines. Meghan and I enjoyed looking at all of the tools and learned how to be a steam engine mechanic:


We then were able to go underneath a steam engine and see the intricate workings of a train:


As we were leaving the Roundhouse, the Edison Steam Engine was coming to the carousel. The engineers lined up the carousel for the engine and then offered MY KIDS to turn the carousel with the 35 ton engine on it. My son Jake was THRILLED as he had never pushed a 35 ton train before. He couldn’t wait to tell his dad. This was a rare thing in the village as they only do this once a month and we were the lucky family to be there at the right time. Jake, Meg and their cousin Tim all were able to push the train – with ease:


They shook the engineer’s hand and waved to the conductor. We then took off to the Carousel (the carnival one) in which the kids had a GREAT time riding the vintage horses. Aunt Dani and I enjoyed the old music we used to sing with our Grandma and our Dad long ago:


As we were leaving the Carousel, we happened upon the Town Hall in which a barber shop quartet was singing. Jake loved this! We then went inside the hall and saw a wonderful vaudeville performance of many George Gershwin pieces. Dani and I were in heaven as we knew most of the songs. Plus, it was air conditioned inside. All of the singers were very talented and made my niece, Andrea, want to work at Greenfield Village when she’s able to work:


So we left the town hall performance and headed down the street for some icecream. Meghan and Brendan’s icecreams were HUGE. I just got myself a softdrink and Jake, ever so smart, decided to head on over to the candy shop and buy some candy instead of icecream. His candy lasted the entire day:


It was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the beautiful grounds and the historical homes. My two favorites are the Edison Electric Plant:


and the Noah Webster home:


If you recall (and you should), Noah Webster is the author of the first American Dictionary. The top floor of his home has dictionaries that he had written – I was in heaven:


Hope you can see that okay as no flashes were allowed.

When we left the Webster home, we went on over to the Plantation House. The girls learned how to card wool (messy, messy) while I realized that my STUPID MEMORY CARD ZAPPED ITSELF CAUSING MY ENTIRE DAY TO BE ERASED – THUS – NO IMAGES.

I spent the rest of the day incredibly miffed that all of the images from the train ride, the round house, the Gershwin show, icecream, our picnic (I haven’t mentioned that, but it was nice), the Carousel and the future Christmas Card where my kids looked perfect and all smiled at the same time were ZAPPED. My poor sister had to hear me whine the rest of the day. Thankfully she didn’t put me in time out, which I truly deserved.

So we’ll be going to Greenfield Village tomorrow, and yes, I have a new memory card. Oh – and the kids want to go….really, they do. We just may end up doing the same things we did the other day. 🙂


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One Response to Our Day at Greenfield Village

  1. Leeann says:

    I was wondering why I couldn’t see any pictures! I was feeling really sad about it, but not as sad as you, I’m sure. Hope you are able to get some great photos today!Leeann

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