Headaches Shmedaches…

So yesterday I went to my eye doc to complain about my headaches. Every time I have these headaches, I end up with Optic Neuritis and then go blind in the right eye. This has been happening now for four years and I’ve had 6 or 7 episodes. Each episode causes me to lose more of my eyesight. My right eye is completely blind.

Since I’m blind in my right eye now and can’t lose any more vision since there IS no vision, I start to panic when I get these headaches. I am terrified of losing my eyesight in my left eye too.

The headaches are strange. It’s as if someone has come from behind me and punched me from up above straight in the nose and eye socket. They are very painful. Normally when I have this headache, it’s on my right side and then my vision goes. Now I’m having the pain on my left side, but without no vision loss. It’s still enough to scare me out of my mind.

So, that all being said, I went to see my opthamologist and he said that my left eye looks healthy. He couldn’t explain my headaches other than they could be sinus related. My right eye also looks fine but the optic nerve is pale. He told me not to expect my vision to come back. 😦 I had already resigned myself to thinking that, but it still bites when you hear it from your doc.

He wants me to see a neuro-opth for a second opinion. I have done this, but he’d like me to see someone different this time. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen a neuro-opth, so I’m okay with this. I truly don’t want another MRI, but if the doc says so, well, I guess I’ll need an IV. 🙂

I told DH all of this and he wants me off of the computer to give my good eye a break. It’s not rare for me to spend hours on the internet (let’s just say I’m a news junkie and I read all.day.long), so under the advice of my husband/doctor, I need to stay offline for a while to give the eye a rest. I’ll still hop on to do payroll, bank updates, etc., but all of the mindless wandering that I do needs to stop. That’ll include Scrapshare, Scrappinchat, Facebook, LLNOE and email.

Darn it all.

I’ll be back and if you’re inclined, would you say a prayer that my good eye remains healthy and that these headaches go away?

Oh, and if you don’t know the whole story and want to know, just read the first few posts of this blog. That should catch you up a bit.


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3 Responses to Headaches Shmedaches…

  1. Lee says:

    Oh, Michelle. That just stinks. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I wish there were some way to help, so if you think of anything, just let me know. I’m here for you, chickie! I’ll miss you online and hope hubby/doc gives you clearance to come back … SOON 🙂

  2. CloverGirl says:

    (((((Hugs))))) Michelle.

  3. Leeann says:

    Prayers and thoughts going out to you, Michelle.Leeann

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