Hello all? Miss me?

I found these wonderful videos on YouTube: Depression Cooking. Oh my, I just want to reach into the computer and hug this woman. She’s so adorable.

It’s been a tough couple months for us financially and I’ve been trying to find ideas on how to save money, cook frugally, etc. I’ve been doing best to cook cheaply with minimal but healthy ingredients and I’ve been doing pretty well. Believe it or not, I’m cooking every day and my goals within the next few months are to bake/cook all of our snacks and bread too. Why not?

So I found Clara – she reminds me of my grandparents. It’s not the recipes that I love so much, but Clara. Her stories while she’s cooking are wonderful. If I have half the spunk of Clara at her age, I’ll be one happy woman.

(I especially love the part about her garden. She’s such a hoot!)


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One Response to Hello all? Miss me?

  1. shirley says:

    Hey! Glad you are back blogging! I’ll have to check out the video later.

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