January 2, 2011 – Happy New Year!

Well, I’m still numb in my legs and waist and lower back, but hey – it’s not pain!

Had an MRI on the 22nd on my spine. I was very nervous, so I took 3 xanax. I did very well. Troy was the tech (I’m not sure if that’s the proper title), and it was two twenty minute MRIs of my spine. Boris was reading the MRI while I was in there and found a lesion or “spot” on my spine.

So that’s the cause of my numbness and tingling.

After the MRI, I came home and my neuro immediately called me and wanted me to come and see him. Boris took me up there and my neuro told me that I have Multiple Sclerosis. No surprise there.

He gave me two packages of information on disease modifying drugs – Rebif and Copaxone. After reading through both of them that evening, I chose Copaxone. Even though it’s a daily shot, the side effects are less severe than teh Rebif.

I called my health insurere and they are covering the drug. It’s a $2,000-$3,000 a month cost, and it’s costing us only $20.00. Praise God.

The people who work for Copaxone – Shared Solutions have been nothing short of wonderful. The support from that company is amazing. They have called a minimum of once a week just to see how I was doing both mentally and physically. They will be sending me a nurse to train me on how to give myself shots and in the meantime, I am reading books to update me on how to take care of myself with my new friend. I want to take the reigns on this disease and learn to live with it.

I have MS, but it will not have me.

One thing I am doing is going back on the Swank diet. It’s an anti-MS diet that is very low in saturated fat, but high in good oils. I’m okay with cutting out the fat, but I have a hard time adding oils. I need to get better, but hey – it’s only my second day! No red meat, no pork, nothing with butter or hydrogenated oils. No chocolate. No cheese. It’s hard, but Boris has been a tremendous support. Oh my word, am I ever lucky to have him. He insists that all dinners will be Swank friendly.

I should go – this is long enough. Will post more later. 🙂

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