Not-So Spring Break Blues

I’m married to a work-a-holic, so it’s rare for us to go places other than to visit my parents for a weekend or two, so for us to get away from home – well, it’s a miracle.

My son earned a gift card to Double JJ Ranch, and we decided at the last minute on Friday to head down there for the day and check it out.  There’s a huge waterpark there and I knew the kids would love it.

So we went and the kids had a blast!

Of course I brought the crummy camera with us, so my pictures won’t be great.  I’m new to WordPress, so we’ll see how this works with me posting pictures.

We got there around 2:30, checked in and immediately went to the waterpark.  The kids had a BLAST – even my little one loved the slides!  I was so proud of him for checking them out.  He doesn’t like water (we have a pool – you’d think he’d be a fish) so the fact that he enjoyed himself so much is huge!

My three rugrats even got ME to go on a waterslide.  I get extreme vertigo even in a car, but I went anyway and even though I told the kids I hated them for making me go on the slide, I LOVED it.  To make it even better, we found friends of ours down there, so we got to spend some time catching up with them.

After the waterpark, we decided to go out to dinner at the steakhouse on the property.  It was DELICIOUS!  M got a cheeseburger with fries, B got chicken strips and fries, I got fettuccini alfredo (so not on my diet!) and a huge salad and J and DH got all you can eat perch.  Let’s just say we all needed to be rolled out of there to get back to our room.

B and M enjoying their dinners.

J and DH enjoying their “all you can eat” perch.  It was delicious!

My baby boy falling asleep at the table.  He was EXHAUSTED after 7+ hours at the waterpark!

We retreated to our beautiful room (I should have taken pictures, but it was lovely!)  It had a full kitchen with dining and living room and a separate master bedroom with a hot tub.  Very nice!

The next day we went out to the ranch where we met two silly cowboys who argued over EVERYTHING. 


It got so bad, they began to brawl.  Almost every time we saw these two together, they were fighting. 

Such a bad influence on the kids, but they loved every minute of it. 

We decided to check out the local shops there and found a checkers board for the kids to play with.  B gave M a run for her money, but M ended up winning the game – even after B got a little bit of help from Mom.

J thought this was pretty cool, but I was a little creeped out by it.  He begged for the picture anyway.

I was glad to lock up the kids for a little bit.  They were wearing me out!  J even got to ride a mechanical bull and was NOT thrown from it!  I have that on video and when I figure out how to post it here, I will.

So, would I go there again?  Hands down – YES!  Even though it was an impromptu trip, and way out of our budget (oh my goodness that place was expensive), we still had a very nice time. 

It was nice to not think about NMO while we were there.  I had so much fun people watching at the waterpark, and of course, watching my little ones having fun was awesome too.  The fact that I was able to go on a slide was great as well – though the stairs were quite difficult, I’m proud that I did it!  I was a little disappointed that the kids didn’t want to go to the water park again the second day – I really wanted to give the stairs another try.  Plus, it was just so nice to see the kids having so much fun without worrying about their mom.  I’m so glad we went and I hope we can do more trips like this in the future.

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