I Did It!! I Cleaned Out My Car!

Now, I know you’re reading this thinking, what the heck?  Why is she so excited that she cleaned out her car?

Let me explain…

Three kids.  Two of them boys.  Stinky boys.  One boy thinks my car is his personal foot locker.

Gross boys.

And their friends.

To say that I had a couple days’ worth of food in the van would not be an understatement.  I took out two shopping bags of trash, two pairs of sneakers, two flashlights (noticing a trend here?), a half-eaten can of Pringles, 44,000 m&ms, 7 water bottles, two Game Boy cartridges, lots and lots of corrected homework that should have gone to recycling, a backpack (why isn’t that in school now?), a watch that was declared missing, a half-eaten Subway sandwich and popcorn salt.

I vacuumed the entire van from top to bottom, then I scrubbed all of the seats, door jams and doors.  I then washed the windows and the front dash.  I even scraped all of the sticky money out of the cupholders and have that soaking in the sink right now.

I’m so darn proud of myself.

Now, for “normal” people, that’s really not a big deal.  It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes, but for me who is exhausted just THINKING about moving, it’s HUGE and I DID IT!!!   I did it!!  I’ll have to take a nap later, but I DID it!!

Silly NMO, I won’t let you beat me down today.

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