Looking back….

I just read my prednisone post that I posted a few weeks ago.  ROFL – I was a basketcase then!

I still hate the drug.  I’m getting “fluffier” by the minute and I’m not liking it.  Why can’t they make a drug that heals you, causes you to lose the amount of weight you want to lose, makes your hair thick and shiny, your skin clear and soft, makes you alert through the day and allows you to sleep through the night?

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2 Responses to Looking back….

  1. Corenae O'Green says:

    You are incredible and I am praying for you daily! Thank you so much for sharing your struggles. You will beat this or helps others trying! God has a plan for you and you ROCK!
    I Love you! Next you come down and we don’t get to see each other i c=am gonna smack ya!

  2. Thanks Cori! I’d love to see you the next time we get down there. I’m not sure when it will be – maybe August? If not, it will be closer to December. Talk with you soon and thanks so much for the prayers. They mean the world to me.

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