Symptoms Update

I’m going to do this periodically just to keep track of my symptoms for prosperity’s sake.  (Yeah – prosperity’s sake.  :) )

Pain:  In torso from breastbone to hips – sunburn feeling.  Firm pressure brings it some comfort.  Brushing of my shirt against my skin hurts.  On a scale from 1-10 (10 being severe pain), I think I’m at about a 3-4 (down from a 4-5 in May).

Nausea:  none – YAY!

Tiredness:  Scale from 1-10 where 1 is hyper and 10 is exhaustion.  I’m at around a 7 on most days.  I think this is GREAT because I used to be a 9.

Emotional:  Fine

Physical:  I’m feeling stronger but still have a way to go.  Some numbness and tingling when I have any type of jumping or impact exercise.  I think I’m feeling pretty good, though I’m still pretty tired.  When I’m tired I slur my speech and walk with a limp.  I also have a hard time with transitions (sitting to standing, etc), so church can sometimes be difficult.

Mentally:  I’m still worn out, but starting to retain information again.  I’m doing several memory games online and keeping up with my friends, so all is getting better.

Other:  woke up with the sniffles this morning, but it cleared up by the afternoon.  Must be allergies or something like that.  I’m always STARVING and I hate every minute of that.  Thanks prednisone.

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