So the other day I went to the dentist.  I love my dentist and her office.  Everyone who works there has a heart of gold.  They are awesome people. I had x-rays taken and it looks like two of my teeth aren’t in the best shape.  Dentist tells me that I really need to focus on flossing and that if I floss more back there, I could probably prevent a cavity or two from forming.  She knows I’m pretty anal-retentive about my teeth, so it’s what I needed to hear to get me flossing again.

I’ve been religious about flossing since then.  In fact, I got up in the middle of the night the other day to floss because I had forgotten to do it when I brushed my teeth before coming to bed.  I don’t want any cavities in THIS mouth thank-you-very-much.

I really need her to say, “Michelle – you need to lose weight.  If you lost weight, you won’t form any cavities.”

Think it might work?

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One Response to Flossing

  1. Julie Stefanski says:

    Glad you love my office! When I read this I literally was laughing out loud. What a strong woman you are.

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