I’m Steroid Free!

I am STEROID FREE!  As of Tuesday, May 22nd I am steroid free and I’m already seeing a difference in the swelling of my face.  I went on prednisone on March 21, 2011 and started the weaning process in September.

Dr. Weinshanker at Mayo Clinic told me that I may end up gaining weight.  So did my neurologist, but I thought “hey, it’s me – “I” won’t gain the weight.”  Little good did that do me – by July I had gained 20 pounds and by September 1st, I gained a total of 45!  YIKES!  And this included me going to the gym almost every day from July through September.

I immediately joined Weight Watchers in September and while I’d have a week every now and then of losing weight, the scale would not budge.  It was embarrassing to go weigh in every week and not budge an ounce.  I’d lose two pounds one week, then gain three pounds the next week and then lose the three pounds.  It was so frustrating.

It came to the point where I was getting lectured and I actually broke down and cried at one meeting.  It’s embarrassing to go in every week and not lose weight.  Very embarrassing when you see others who have joined since you earn a ribbon for losing 10 pounds and you haven’t lost ONE.

Here’s a recent picture of me.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of me with moon face because I was so embarrassed to have a picture taken.  I wish I would have done it because my face was so round.  Like a circle round.  Ridiculously round.

May 28, 2012:

Now I look huge here, but it’s not nearly as bad as it’s been.  Can’t wait to get rid of my chipmunk cheeks and start looking like myself again.

The redness on my face?  I think that’s either the NMO bothering me (my skin hurts all over) or possibly allergies.  I hope it’s allergies and not NMO, but the bee sting feeling is all over my body today.  I’m thinking I’ll have to hit the neurotin soon.

For what it’s worth, here’s a photo of me before I started steroids:  

See you later!

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One Response to I’m Steroid Free!

  1. Judith Du Long says:

    I think you are beautiful! Mom

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