Symptom Check – Update

I know, I know – I said I’d post about my trip, but I’m going to do a symptom update instead:

Pain: No pain other than pain I have from a bulging disc in my neck.  It radiates to my shoulders.  I still have the sunburn feeling in my torso,  but I’m so used to that I barely notice it.  Compare that to all of the pain I had before.  This is awesome.

Nausea: My Imuran is making me nauseous at night.  I haven’t had this happen in the 4+ years I’ve been taking it, so I’m keeping an eye on it.  Last night my heartburn was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

Tiredness: Scale from 1-10 where 1 is hyper and 10 is exhaustion. I’m at around an 8 most days.  I sleep all day long.  In fact, today I got up at 7am, made the kids lunches, then after they left I slept until 3pm.  I didn’t get my run into today – today’s a scheduled run and I skipped it.

Emotional: I’m still struggling with guilt. I’m missing out on so much with my kids.  I’m thankful that they are in school during the day so I can rest, but the house is an absolute disaster.  Oh my word, it’s not just messy, it’s DIRTY.  I’m too embarrassed to ask for outside help and the kids aren’t helping at all.  They are so busy and when they’re home, they don’t see the need.  I have my oldest’s graduation this year, and the party will be here at the house.  I wouldn’t even let my own sister in the house in the condition this house is in right now.  I need energy so I can get something done.

Physical: This waxes and wanes.  I’ve been walking and attempting to run, but my times are still so slow.  I’ve done 23 races now, and have literally seen no improvement.  It’s frustrating.  I can’t get consistent though – how can you be consistent when you’re exhausted all of the time?  My toes and legs go numb when I run.  This is nothing new.

Mental: I have a great attitude about things and I know that helps.  But like I said in my last symptom update a few years ago, my mind is forgetting things.  I don’t think it’s any more than I posted last time, so that’s a good thing, but it’s still so frustrating to be forgetting things that are so obvious!!

Like this….

About a month ago I got my hair done.  I get it done about 30 minutes away from here, and near my stylist is a Jimmy Johns.  I really like Jimmy Johns, so I bought myself a sub from there.

On the way home, a 30 minute drive mind you, I was hungry, so I stopped at Subway and ordered myself a sub – totally forgetting that I had one sitting next to me the entire time!!

I do stuff like that.  Stupid stuff.  I’m worried that one day, my stupid stuff will turn into dangerous stuff.  Oh God, please don’t let that happen.

Talk with you soon,

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  1. You have been nominated for The Leibster Award.
    I love your blog!!! for details of award 🙂

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